Friday, February 28, 2014

The Worst Unintentionally Bad Song from an '80s Movie

     My vote, hands down, would have to go to the sappy Rhythm of Life by Hugh Harris at the sappy end of Uncle Buck (1989). Despite the cornball Hughesian finale, replete with bizarro closeups and the patented freeze frame of John Candy smiling (oh, the humanity), the song that's playing features an over produced, unintelligible singer (Harris, I presume?) who sounds like he could be trying to pass a kidney stone.

I picked this one over Eddy Grant's deliciously awful Romancing the Stone (which almost tied for first place) because I actually have found myself sitting through Uncle Buck just to hear this song play at the end; to see if maybe I'm being a trifle hard on it. Turns out, my feelings never change. And I've seen Uncle Buck A LOT as a result. I'm sure many of you out there may disagree or wonder: how could this perfectly innocuous little ditty be any worse than the rap from Ghostbusters II, or any number of more obviously awful melodic misfires?

The truth is, it probably isn't actually as bad a song as many other candidates out there, but I just can't stand this particular ending. Even my cat gets up and leaves the room every time it's on. I don't think any song could have saved it. Well, maybe Death or Glory by The Clash, or Led Zeppelin's The Immigrant Song. What ending wouldn't benefit from either of those?

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