Thursday, May 08, 2014

and the award for WORST movie sweater (all-time) goes to...

Toni Collette (in her "hairy jumper" or "yeti costume") and Nicholas Hoult (in his ???) in About a Boy (2002).

You may have happened upon my movie sweater posts recently, here and here. This one was the hardest to judge. I was a bit torn between this terrible twosome and the veritable "Cosby sweater" from another Nick Hornby adaptation, John Cusack's record store owner in High Fidelity (2000). Frankly, I like About a Boy a lot more, and the sweaters on parade in it are infinitely worse. Part of me genuinely appreciates both these miraculously bizarre creations, in a slightly hipster way I suppose. Of course there is nothing cool about those hats. The hats could anger people. Just the sight of them. But they are knitted, so I threw them in. C'est la vie.

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